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Paul Casella
I was born in 1951 in Brooklyn NY. I graduated High School in 1969 &  went to City University for 2 years.


Although I never studied music in school, I took guitar lessons for 3 years & I played rhythm
guitar in a band. I did shows at my middle school in bklyn., & a few in high school. 
I began collecting records that I had heard at small dance clubs around the city.


Many of the songs that I liked (mostly dance tracks), were not played on top 40 radio, but I felt that they were much better than the music, that the radio stations were programming. I soon purchased 2 turntables & a mixer, and began to study mixing in my basement.


In 1971, I got a job at a small club on Queens Blvd. called the Menagerie. The club legally held 120 people. Within a few weeks, I had over 600 people. (every fri. & sat. nite). Once a week (usually on fri.) I would visit various record companies for promo records to play at my club. 


I was a charter member of the very first record pool (99 prince st.). I helped write the “Declaration of Intent” letter that was sent to Promo Departments of all the major record companies in New York City.


In 1972, I was voted New York’s #1 DJ, by my peers. I also received a plaque from Motown Records, as the best new disc jockey that same year. But for me, it was always about delivering the music smoothly & creatively; making the crowd party.


Here is a list of some of the clubs that I have played at; The Menagerie /my first club.

The Monastery /probably the hottest club outside Manhattan for more than 3 years (72; 73; 74). People came from as far as Philadelphia to hear me play at the Monastery.


Hollywood /I worked this small but intense room where a different dj worked each nite. Ritchie Kazor; Tom Saverese; Joey Parlimenteri; David Rodiguez; Tony Gioe; & Frankie Stravelli. All excellent dj’s & well known at that time.


Elephas /Tony Cintorino &Tony Gioe headed this club; I did many guest nites at Elephas (infamously known for one of the “Son of Sam” shootings.)


Ripple on the Water /a scenic catering/banquet room, only open for dancing on Monday’s. It soon became the premier place to dance & party on Monday night in the 70’s.


Starship Discovery 1/ located on 42st. 3 floors of non stop entertainment. I was working there on the nite that the New York City had its huge blackout.


Enchanted Garden/ (Steve Rubell’s club just before opening Studio 54) /located on the Douglaston Country Club & Golf Course. This amazing landmark building held over 1500 people. I had some tremendous parties, working this room. Only setback; I was also the lightman as well as the DJ. Steve Rubell wasn’t cheap. He just didn’t have enough club experience to realize the value of a good light man. He would say to me ,”You do a real good job with the lights Paul.”


Decameron/Long Island /an elegant supper/niteclub. I worked for over 3 years at this club & have many great memories.


Summers Beach Club/ West Hampton. Naturally, I worked a few seasons at the Hamptons. Good parties, but frankly I have always enjoyed the jersey shore more. 


Ortley Beach; Seaside Heights; Wildwood……as much fun but a lot less stressful.


Sir John’s 

City Scene 1& 2 

The Rooftop /open until 7am. At 2 am.


When the bars closed across the Hudson, hundreds of new jerseyans, would drive in thru the Lincoln tunnel to party there. Open fri. & sat. exclusively.


Colorado East /great live entertainment. A vegas styled club in bklyn.


The Cat Club / the hottest progressive dance club in nyc. I worked with Dj Luis Mario Orellana the cat. Great club…Great memories.


The Limelight / the church on 6th Ave. & west 20th st. Everyone has been to the limelight!


Today, Paul is living in N. J., married, & has 3 children.

Letter of Intent 99 Prince Street Record Pool 

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