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Legends of Vinyl New York 2022 Music Hall of Fame Awards
Tue 9/13/2022 8:00 PM - Queens Theatre

Review By Iman Lababedi - ROCK NYC

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Feature Events
The 2022 New York DJ & Artists Hall of Fame Awards

You're Invited to a World Premiere!
Pre-Screening Cocktail Hour!
6:30pm -7:30pm
Savor Cinema

Italian treats, Coffee, Upcoming Dancing Event, Classic Disco Music, and Cash Bar of course!
Thank you for our sponsors. There will be video, photographers, and Red Carpet area for photo oppportunity.  

A look back and forward on the musical legacy and continued influence of M.F.S.B. original member and creator of the Disco era's most successful orchestral band, Vince Montana, Jr. and The Salsoul Orchestra; and his fight for his share of recognition, fame, and fortune or risks fading in obscurity.

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Feature Events
The 2019 European DJ & Artists Hall of Fame Awards



“We are the Legends of Vinyl, the Pioneers and Innovators of Our Art. Our mission is to recognize the accomplishments, past and present of our peers.  It is to celebrate our history and to create and sustain our legacy for generations to come.  Above all, we support and encourage each other in all of our endeavors.”

Each member of this organization should be proud and honored to have been chosen by their peers and be recognized.  Each member should refrain from making negative or accusatory statements, either written or verbally.  Your peers should be treated with encouragement and respect.  Any grievances should be brought to the attention of any member of the Board of Directors where this can be acted upon.  Accordingly, any member who does not wish to continue to associate with this organization may request that their name be removed. 

Adopted by the Legends of Vinyl™ LLC Board of Directors on November 11, 2014.


The Legends of Vinyl™ is a nationally and internationally recognized organization.

The Legends of Vinyl™ DJ/Artists Hall of Fame listing was created by the Legends of Vinyl for the Legends of Vinyl.  It is in no way, shape, or form a part of, associated with, or affiliated with any other list that may have, does, or will exist.

The Legends of Vinyl™ organization, as a private entity, reserves the right to include, add, or delete any name or group of names from the Legends of Vinyl™ DJ/Hall of Fame listing.

The Legends of Vinyl™ organization stands on its reputation and history.  There are claims that we put out “fake” DJ history.  No, we make history!   The individual(s) making these claims may have a history but, as previously stated, will not be part of The Legends of Vinyl because this organization reserves that right.

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